Animation Sketch

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!!! Add-on still in development, lots of bugs to fix, look at the documentation to avoid them !!!

Animation Sketch is a Blender add-on that ease the posing of bones by drawing its shape. It uses both the Grease Pencil to draw in 2D and the Bendy Bone to deform the bone. Blender 3.0 is supported, be sure to grab the for that version.

Be sure to check first the documentation here : :

Fix and add new Version for Blender 3.0 :

v0.3 FIX (Blender 2.82):

- Fixes for Blender 2.82, upgraded Blender Demofile aswell.

v0.3 (Blender 2.8):

- Support for Blender 2.8 (latest build). Since blender 2.8 is beta it will probably break from time to time depending of the builds, I will try to keep it working but not on a daily basis! :

v0.2 (Blender 2.78):

- Support Preserve Scale

- Simplify Armature Set Up

- Better support of children transformation

- Fix : Grease Pencil Layer not visible

- Remove “Children Lock” for now, need to find a better way to handle IK

v 0.11 (Blender 2.78):

- Hot-fixes (children and influence, armature object can be moved, fresh restart after a bug)

v 0.1 (Blender 2.78) : 

- Main feature (draw and snap)

- Influence (strenght) of the stroke

- Lock option for head and tail

- WIP lock of the children (currently not working with influence under 1)

- Support for animation (in Auto-Key mode)

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Animation Sketch

83 ratings
I want this!